Friends of Sunset Beach is dedicated to supporting the Arts on the North Shore of Oahu. 


Limited budgets mean
teachers have to make cuts...

Art is usually the first thing to go. Time and resources go towards "testable" subjects such as math, reading, and science. But what about the kids that learn through visuals, sound, or movement? What about the kids who aren’t great at long division, but can write a poem, dream up a film, choreograph a dance, or paint a mural? 

Friends of Sunset Beach is a 100% volunteer and donation-based non-profit, dedicated to supporting the Arts on the North Shore of Oahu. 

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β€œArt has the role in education of helping children become like themselves, instead of more like someone else.”

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens


Celebrating The Arts Fundraiser

A primary source of funding for Friends of Sunset Beach is our annual fundraiser. It's a night of great food, live music, dancing, and an auction of artwork by local artists and pieces created by the students (which has inspired more than a few friendly bidding wars.) Some of our past featured artists and performers have included Clark Little, Taimane Gardner, John Cruz, Colleen Wilcox, Jack Johnson, Ron Artis II, Hilton Alves, Jake Shimabukuro, and Paula Fuga.

And while the kids are always in our thoughts and hearts, this night is reserved for grownups. 


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Bowl for a Cause


Banzai Bowls is a proud supporter of Friends of Sunset beach. When you visit Banzai Bowls and order the Friends of Sunset Beach bowl, a percentage of the proceeds from each bowl go towards our cause.